These videos have been used successfully to get audience members in seats and sponsors interested in investing. I have also done archival videos to give companies a full visual record of the event. If you are more intrested in photos please check out my Theatre Photo Page for more!

ECF is going to Shakespeare in the Park. Are you...?

Why I Support Freewill Shakspeare Feastival - With Tiana Tolley

The Free Will Players are a not-for-profit theatre company that formed in 1989. The company endeavors to create professional, contemporary, innovative productions of the works of William Shakespeare that are accessible to all audiences, regardless of age, ability, education, or income levels, while also developing new audiences and mentoring theatre professionals of the future.

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Shakespeare in the Park 2010 - Strike

This is the set being struck for the "Shakespeare in the Park" festival in Heritage Amphitheatre at William Hawrelak Park. The set was actually built by many hands up the hill at the Citadel, it is then taken apart, put into a truck (multiple trips) and assembled on the deck at Hawrelak Park. It usually takes between two and five days to re-construct, paint and put the finishing touches on. After the shows are done it takes only one day to strike it all off the stage!

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