I get to call myself lucky for being one of the photographers local theatre companies go to for promotional and archival footage. This page will give you a great example of how I can make any production look like a Broadway show. If you like this and want to see what I can put together in video format, please check out my Theatre Video page!

Citie Ballet Presents Enigma See this BEAUTIFUL ballet that features songs from Mozart:42, and Leonard Cohen's Doorway, at the Timms Centre for the Performace of the Art in Edmonton from October 30th to November 1st 2015. For more information click here!

Citadel's 40th Anniversary CelebrationHelp support local theatre by checking out Citadel's website, and maybe even buy a ticket to one of their upcoming performances this season!

2015 Freewill Shakespeare Festival Presents: As You Like It

DIRECTED BY Marianne Copithorne 

The young and beautiful Rosalind lives in the court of her uncle, where she falls in love with Orlando. When she is banished from court by her cruel uncle Frederick, she flees to the Forest of Arden with her loyal cousin Celia, and their fool, Touchstone. Rosalind disguises herself as a man, only to encounter Orlando, who has also been banished. Will she be able to win his love, disguised as she is? All those banished from court learn much about love as they encounter the simplicity of life in the forest from these country folk. 

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The Freewill Shakespeare Festival is back for Coriolanus in 2015


The citizens of Rome are hungry and ready to revolt. Coriolanus has proved himself a great soldier and has become Rome’s hero. But his self-centred and inflexible beliefs cause him to hold his people in contempt. His extreme opinions anger the people and a bloody mass riot ensues. Coriolanus is undermined by powerful politicians, and eventually his own mother, Volumnia, turns against him. Banished from Rome, he turns to his most hated enemy, Tullus Aufidius, and vows his loyalty. Tullus Aufidius embraces Coriolanus, then secretly plots to murder him.

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 The 2015 Freewill Shakespeare Festival-Volunteer Night 


In 2015, the Freewill Shakespeare Festival runs from June 23 to July 19 at the Heritage Amphitheatre in Hawrelak Park. Shows at 8pm Tuesday thru Saturday, and matinees at 2 pm on Saturdays and Sundays. Most shifts are 6-10pm for evening shows and 12-4pm for matinee shows and we ask for volunteers to take at least 4 shifts . Roles include ushers, concession sales, merch sales, line up patrol and ticket takers. Volunteer perks include two ticket to our 2015 Festival, complimentary snacks during your shift, an awesome party with lots of door prizes, discounted/free First Aid and ProServe training, a free ticket to the 2015 Rapid Fire Theatre shows, a tshirt and lanyard and much more!

The 2015 Festival has now concluded. We will begin recruitment for volunteers again in the spring of 2016. If you would like us to contact you at that time, please email 

 The Undead Newlyweds Performing at the 2014 Edmonton Fringe Festival

 2014 Freewill Shakespeare Festival Presents Taming of the Shrew

TAMING OF THE SHREW Directed by Marianne Copithorne

The Taming of the Shrew follows the headstrong Katherine, who has a stormy outlook on men and romance. Resigned to the obvious affection men have for her sister, Katherine develops an unapologetic fiery, witty and infectious defence mechanism. That is, until a certain suitor comes to town determined to tame the shrew through marriage.

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Street performers at the Edmonton Fringe Festival 2013

Freewill Shakespeare Festival 2013 - King Lear

KING LEAR Directed by Jim Guedo

The aging King Lear asks his three daughters to prove their love for him, and two greedily profess overwrought affections. Cordelia, the favourite, humbly responds, but Lear is unimpressed. Banishing her, Lear falls into a web of deception and disappointment, eventually leading to his own howling madness

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Freewill Shakespeare Festival 2013 - A Midsummer Night's Dream

A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM Directed by Marianne Copithorne

Lysander loves Hermia, and Hermia loves him. Helena loves Demetrius, who actually loves Hermia. Hermia's father prefers Demetrius for her, and everyone is confused and unhappy. One night in the woods changes it all, as the faeries create a world where true love wins, magic runs amok, and playful Puck rules... eventually. 

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A few promotional shots for the 2013 Freewill Shakespeare Festival season

 Freewill Shakespeare Festival 2012 - Julius Caesar

JULIUS CAESAR  Directed by John Kirkpatrick

Starring Chris Bullough, Kevin Corey and Nathan Cuckow
As the Ides of March approach, Caius Cassius plants rumours that Caesar intends to abolish the  Republic and crown himself king of Rome. Seeds of deception grow thick in the senate, and as the conspiracy reaches its bloody climax, two things are certain: Caesar is doomed and war is on the horizon.

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Freewill Shakespeare Festival 2012 - The Tempest

THE TEMPEST Directed by Marianne Copithorne

Starring John Wright, Amber Borotsik and Doug Mertz
After twelve years of exile, Prospero sets his revenge in action and shipwrecks the royal court of Milan. As the tempest-tossed noblemen wander his magical island, treacherous plots and newfound love mix to reveal Prospero’s ultimate plan.

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Firefly Theatre

"Firefly Theatre performs on the ground and in the air, creating original live performances that combines the visceral and awe-inspiring response of the circus with the emotional response of the theatre. Our productions have taken place inside theatres, museums, convention centres and nightclubs, outside in squares and intersections, and in the air suspended from buildings. Firefly Theatre's work is unique in Alberta and has been described as "spectacular and breathtaking," The Sun, "stunningly beautiful," See Magazine, "gorgeous and terrifying," Vue Weekly and "fresh, funny, neck-craning spectacles," The Journal. Firefly Theatre is at the forefront of aerial theatre in Canada. Our style of storytelling creates exciting and powerful theatrical performances, providing the audience with a memorable experience. This fusion of circus and theatre has given Firefly a unique voice in the Canadian performing arts landscape. FFT productions include Operation EVAsion, Primordial Blues, Ballerina on a Horse, and the Aerial-Action-Thriller Duck Duck Bang. Our work has been presented at festivals and events throughout North America and beyond, including the Smithsonian Institute in Washington, D. C., Winter City Festival of Arts (Toronto), The Pacific National Exhibition (Vancouver), Capital Ex (Edmonton), the 2006-2010- Grey Cup Festivals, and Canada Day in London, England. Firefly Theatre established Alberta's first Aerial Arts Program, offering aerial circus classes and workshops to community members. In 2007, the company was honoured with a City of Edmonton Excellence Award in Arts and Culture and a Mayor's Award for Innovative Artistic Direction." -Firefly Theatre

DOG A 1950's Homelife Nightmare

"Depression, its science and its treatments, is my major. Trust me, You're sad." Edward Bright, a brilliant young psychiatrist, is in a dream marriage with his wife, Vally. But in the wake of a sudden and unexpected miscarriage, a blanket of depression covers their entire lives, and Edward attempts to cure his wife with new experimental drugs. In the meantime, Vally finds a stray Dog to keep her comapny in her loneliness, but when she begins to hear the voice of her miscarried child through the Dog, lies are uncovered, betrayal ensues, and a great adventure leads to the invention of history's most effective anti-depressant.  -Surreal Soreal Theatre

DOG is one of those plays that was different every time, nearly all of the lines were delivered via sound cues, the actors, of course, knew their parts well and were completely in sync with every sound cue. The show was an auditory amazement. DOG was written by local writer, Jon Lachlan Stewart who heads up a fantastic company, Surreal Soreal Theatre. Check out their new shows, coming this summer!

"Eurydice" by Sarah Ruhl

Studio Theatre, University of Alberta - Timms Centre for the Arts, 2010 Directed by David Horak Production Design by Jennifer Goodman (MFA Theatre Design thesis production) Cast : Justen Bennet, Kayla Gorman, Beth Graham, Mathew Hulshof, Kevin Ouellet, Michael Peng, Bryan D. Webb. Jennifer is a graduate of the MFA Design programme at the University of Alberta, with Sarah Ruhl’s Eurydice as her thesis production.

Drunk Enough To Say I love You?

Company: Happy Bunny Productions. Guy would do anything for Sam. Sam would do anything. Sex, election rigging, bombing, capitalism, space domination, 9/11, torture and global warming, just another work day for Sam and Guy. The hottest politics of this year's Fringe by one of the English speaking world's hottest playwrights. Playwright: Caryl Churchill. Director: Ben Janko. Cast: Perry Gratton and Stuart Hoye.

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