My Hazey is getting BIGGER!

Went for a walk in the rain's still FALL!

My Little Family Halloween

Fast Creek Lapse

It's been raining for weeks on the island and our backyard creek has exploded with water! So I plopped my tripod in there and snapped a few hundred photos, check out the finished lapse right here.

..Winter is coming...

The frost set in last night and this morning when the sun hit it, the hill just looked so amazing. Almost cut the cables down I swear! Tried an HDR with this and simply preferred the original.

New Parents beware...sleep is an elusive one!

I'm a new Uncle, and she is so darling!

Little Willow Victoria was born about two months early and is so tiny, but absolutely so healthy! Her parents are so excited to have this little girl home as soon as possible, but when they are early they stay at the hospital a little longer. I don't know if I could handle that!! It'd be so hard to not have her home right away! I'm happy she is safe and happy though!

Being a father...

This is still, and always will be, the best thing a man can accomplish...being a father. Anyone can have kids, but being a father to those kids takes a different kind of person. I love my kids to no end and look forward to the day where they can be mothers and fathers themselves. My Hazel and I have the best relationship, there really is nothing quite like a wee little daughter to love. I will be the example of men in her life, and shape the way she feels she deserves to be treated.

Helvetica Posters

Our poster assignment included real world use and application and I thought, "what better way to use my design, then to post them as a set" so I went out and tacked them up...they lasted about 9 days and the last letter to be covered up was the iconic "a".

 GoPro Pole Aerial Photography

Fooling around by my house...with a gopro and a pole...I like the aerial look you get from just 16 feet up! I've been doing more and more of these for my real estate clients and they love it. There is something to be said about the perspective you get from up here...maybe not THIS high, but an elevated shot sure does reveal the true "shape" of the house.

The Moon

The moon has always astounded me, I have always looked up at it and noticed its many imperfections. Photographing it has always been a challenge as the super long glass is not my area of expertise, but one night when it was giant in the night sky I borrowed a 300mm prime and a 2x teleconvertor and got to work!

My beautiful girl!

I love my little Hazel so much!