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TransCanada — World Triathlon Grand Final in Edmonton

TransCanada has been safely delivering critical energy products across the continent for more than 60 years.

We operate one of the largest natural gas transmission networks in North America — 68,500 kilometres (km) (42,500 miles) — transporting approximately 20 per cent of the continent's daily natural gas supply. We are North America's third largest provider of natural gas storage and related services.

We own or have interests in 21 power facilities with the capacity to generate 11,800 megawatts (MW) of electricity, enough to power nearly 12 million homes. One-third of the power we produce comes from emission-less sources including nuclear, hydro, wind and solar.

The 4,247-km (2,639-mile) Keystone Pipeline System transports almost one-quarter of Canada's crude oil exports to the United States. It has safely delivered more than 550 million barrels of Canadian crude oil to markets in the U.S. since it began operation in July 2010.

For more information please visit their website

 Who We Are - Campbell Scientific Canada

 For more info please go to thier website

Made in Edmonton: Golden Moments

Golden Moments started with a bang as Moet & Chandon popped all over the room, and kept getting bigger.

Made In Edmonton - Edvana

Cognac and Cigars on the rooftop patio at CKUA's new studios on Jasper ave.

Made In Edmonton - Yelloween

WHAT A PARTY!!!! These guys had an amazing turnout and we got to see some beautiful masked men and women. Fashion is always key at an MIE event and every single person in attendance delivered!

Made In Edmonton - Jive Glasshouse Party

A big amount of this footage is by the TALENTED Romy Young and his crew, but I have a few pieces throughout, I thought this was a beautiful event and would love to do another big outdoor garden party!

MUTANT presents Big Ron Partlow on Leg Day

In this episode we take a closer look at Ron's diet at 5 weeks out from his show. We follow Ron to the gym to get a glimpse at what he does for his day job, followed up by a leg workout.

Nightmare Island 2 Hookface's Revenge

What a blast this film is, the independent director Galen Pendleton had a lot up his sleeve when he and writer Indy Randhawa started this trilogy. In its second installment Hookface is up against some ol' pals and he runs into some "trouble" finishing them off...I shot this on a 5D mkii and edited using Adobe Premiere Pro CS5. The film later aired as part of the Edmonton International Film Festival.

The Provincial Archive

The CD release party for an incredible album "Maybe We Could Be Holy" by this amazing group. The Provincial Archive will melt your heart...

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