Bonnyville's EXTREME Mudfest 2018

Shakespeare in the Park

The Godin'sHad a fun day shooting this lovely family.

ECF Edmonton Shots

I really love the city of Edmonton, I was born and raised here, so when ECF asked for Edmonton city shots I was eager to get my camera and capture the great beauty of my city.

ECF Dinosaur Day

Allison's Recital at Grant MacEwan University

Allison is a very talented local artist and signer in Edmonton, AB. To learn more about Allison check out her page here.

 Hungry Hollow @Brixx

Hungry Hollow is a Edmonton based alternative rock band with the taste of the blues, pop, and metal. For more information click here!

Colour in Conflict

Is a Edmonton based alternative pop rock band. For more information click here!

Completed a photo shoot of Lorna Jane for Believe Fit Edmonton

Cinderella playing with the kids!

Whimsical Entertainment threw a little princess picnic party in Rundle Park and the kids had a blast playing dress-up and running around with Cinderella. Get in touch to book a party.

 Tastemakers YEG JIVE GlassHouse 2014

Tastemakers threw their annual JIVE GlassHouse garden party at Con Boland's beautiful river valley home and it was bigger and better than ever before. The fashion alone blew me away! People went all out, it was so much fun to see the new fashion that these guys always try to reinforce and almost challenge each other to step it up. (in these photos: Ashley Mercado, Mazen, and Robert Tyndale all key players with Tastemakers YEG)

 The Last Calls....

A super talented six-piece rock/pop cover band from Edmonton. For more information on The Last Calls or to inquire about booking them for parties, weddings, company events and other functions, click here

 Edmonton Community Foundation Headshots

Edmonton Community Foundation (ECF), part of a comprehensive network of Canadian community foundations, acts as a bridge between donors and greater Edmonton charities to help create and maintain a strong, vibrant community for generations to come. Check out ECF at

Annie Dugan is an Acrobat!

Check out all her amazing work here.

 E-Z Air Auto Rotation

This is by far the scariest training E-Z Air does. The helicopter barely misses the ground as the tail flares up to recover power and land. I was on the ground for this one, but they threw me in there for a couple as well. Scary!

Dynamo Dogs

Just a little preview of this weekend's dog show with Dynamo Dogs at the Rainmaker Rodeo in St. Albert. These dogs were INCREDIBLE! So happy and talented! They just loved pleasing their trainers and the massive audience! This is a fantastic group and it was such a well planned out show. Can't say enough good things!

Innovative Kinetix

Innovative Kinetix is a brand new company that is about ready to roll out and get you motivated! Keep your eyes peeled, it's gonna be big!! "Innovative Kinetix is here to motivate each individual respectively, and to bring fitness into lifestyle and fun into family, by listening, sharing positive energy and developing innovative personalized plans that will allow each client to reach their goals. My guarantee is to become more efficient in daily life, and to feel good in body and mind." -Will MacLean, Owner IKX

E-Z Air Helicopter Services - Rocky Mountains

E-Z Air Helicopter Services was kind enough to fly me up to the Rocky Mountains, all they needed in return was me hanging out of a JetRanger shooting video. Flying through the Rocky Mountains for 8 hours while shooting video was quite an experience...not sure I would do it exactly the same next time as looking at the back of a camera for that long while winding your way back and forth and all around makes one quite ill.

The Petersons

One of the best shoots I've ever done. These kids and the love they have for each other was incredible to watch. I have never had so many candid photos to hand over to a client. I just couldn't narrow it down, they were all keepers and some of my favorite family pictures EVER! Beautiful day and just a wonderful time had by all.

Renee Robyn Photography

Renee Robyn is a fantastic photographer and I had the pleasure of shooting video of her working her magic, in the studio with the amazing model Emily A. The video has been put on hold, but I can't resist putting a few of my still frames and snapshots from the day. I really learned a lot about the Make-up and hair that goes into these shoots. The model can definitely have a 12 hour day just waiting for the shoot. Renee is a local gem and does some of the most beautiful high fashion work I've ever seen. Go check her stuff out...and then come back...

Captain Tractor

"It’s been over six years since the last recorded effort from Captain Tractor; 2005’s North of the Yellowhead. During that time, Captain Tractor has continued to play shows in Western Canada, Toronto, and of course in their hometown of Edmonton where they continue to be leaders in the E-Town music and culture industry. Whether as a duo, trio, Power Trio, or the full six piece band, Captain Tractor is still rocking the waves, and why not? What else are they going to do?" - Captain Tractor 2011

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