About Me

About Me

My name is Lucas Boutilier and I have been shooting in some way for over fifteen years. It all started with grade 7 Industrial Arts class where we built pin-hole cameras and did screen-printing. I absorbed it voraciously! We were assigned a project to take long exposure of still life in our classroom, once I exposed the first shot, I was hooked. The desire to get it just right has been there ever since. I noticed a lamp had been moved in one of my pictures and dragged a squiggled line across the background. Immediately understanding why this had occured I continued to experiment. I found the best photos I ever got in those few short classes were the ones I got of people being themselves. There is something to be said about a candid shot that will always speak to you.

My high school life took me in a slightly different direction. My saving grace was the wonderful staff and equipment that Victoria High School had to offer. At the time there was no photography class, but they had something even better, Television Arts. I knew I loved looking through the lens and observing things, however I had foolishly only been taking one photo at a time! TV/Film is all about oodles of photos! I ate it up, won awards, took on every project available. In our graduating year, our group decided for our final project to ignore all the constraining rules of the "year end assignment". We wrote a script, that told OUR story. High school was over...what do we do next? The script was 19 pages. If any screenwriters are out there, you know that 19 pages of script is about 19 minutes of scene. This was an epic undertaking considering the other groups had been given a 4 minute time limit. We approached our instructor with it and he warned against it, but said it was up to us. He also said "I think you three are the three who can do it" and basically told us we better do it. That's what it was like there! They wanted us to create! That film was shot and was completed and maybe someday someone will surface who has the completed copy, but until then the whole experience will live in my head. By the way, we were graded on our project by the same rules as the other groups, they took the first four minutes and decided what it was worth. We did just fine, if I recall I think it was about 92% or so. The next year they made a special award for our group and showed a full nine minutes of our short at the awards festival. I'm not sure anyone but my class ever saw the full movie...

After high school, I worked on a few film shoots for a few local directors in town, usually as a third camera assistant or as a grip. It was my only real experience with film (other than photography), we never used 35mm, only 16mm stuff. On most of the shoots we used a 16mm Arri Arriflex owned by local cinematographer Wes Doyle. The experience I gained from working with experts in their field inspired me. I developed my understanding of photography, (at its roots cinematography and photography are exactly the same) so I dove back into photography. It was around this time that I was blessed with my little man Kaden Rain. By naming him Kaden Rain, I also named my company - Naked Rain Photography.

Having a son at the age of 20 gave me the opportunity to practice on the most candid subject you can ever ask for. Before the age of two, I had taken about 5600 photos of him...on film...digital couldn't come fast enough. I am so glad I had the years as a film photographer because a roll of film was so PRECIOUS! Taking photos at random and hoping you get some good ones is how some have learned to be a photographer. I recommend grabbing a film camera and challenging yourself to shoot a roll of 24 fantastic photos. Photography, to me, is about freezing a perfect moment in time forever. 

My first film camera was an AL-1

I then got into the Elan 7N. Great camera!

My first DSLR after 8 years of shooting film.

And now the 5D Mkiii is my precious!

It took me about a year of solid research before I bought the Canon 5D Mark ii. I love this camera! It has combined both of my passions into one unit. My photos were pushed to the next level and my ability to add video to anything I did catapulted me into shooting like I had never imagined! I have so much HD footage that has never been seen again. I just love the idea of capturing a moment because once it has passed it is gone and there is no way to ever see it again.

Two weeks after I purchased my 5D, I was shooting a short film "Nightmare Island 2: Hookface's Revenge". It was my first real experience running the camera department on a set. It was a low (no) budget shoot, but we all took it seriously. We had all prime lenses, a second 5D for coverage and continuity, a 7D for some slow motion, a sound department; we slated everything and synced it all in post...the way you do it on a real set! I remembered every detail of working on set with Wes Doyle and I took control of my camera department with ease. From designing the lighting and the shots in our pre-production meetings, to working with them on our shooting days, I was finally in my element!

After trying to watch the massive 5D footage on my 7 year old Mac, I upgraded and currently work with state of the art technology, including Adobe's Master Collection CS5 and a 3.1 GHz Intel Core i5 27 inch iMac. Since then I haven't stopped filming, creating videos for businesses and design firms, models and musicians. I will shoot it all!

At this point in my career I realized I was offering a lot to my clients, but I was often being asked to do more...that "more" was graphic and web design. After I took the photos for a clients poster I'd be asked to put their text all over it, sounds easy, and doing it is pretty easy...doing it right would take some education!

Pixel Blue College...I studied Design and Motion Graphics and added Graphic Design and Web design to my skillset. We had real world assignments that tested our skills at client interaction as well as the ability to listen and interpret their needs. Every chance to excel I took on. Our final assignment, and 50% of our total mark, is based on our portfolio. The work put into it, but also the attempt to stand out amongst all the other "Books". I decided to build mine and took it to an insane level, glueing together hundreds of pages in two seperate Time-Life Photography books and, after drying, carving out the placeholder for my design portfolios. I left Pixel Blue with a final grade of 94% and now have the total package solution for my clients!

I am a passionate, honest, hard-working individual and would love to work with you to bring out the best in what you do! Thank you.